What Makes Drupal An Out-Of-The-Box Content Management System?

SUBMITTED BY ASANDIL ON TUE, 04/15/2014 - 16:30

Acknowledging the technical hassles of managing a website, business owners across the globe are switching to Drupal Content Management System. Choosing a CMS needs big judiciousness as it involves great performance risk for your website. In the text to follow, we would discuss in greater details about what makes Drupal a Content Management System which is above them all.

Website developers across the globe like to opt for an open source CMS keeping in view its cost-effectiveness. There is a wide range of CMS platforms is available in the world of web development, and one of them is Drupal that has won millions of hearts worldwide. It’s a unique platform that is used for managing all types of content placed on a website including text, images, video and voice. Drupal offers utmost flexibility of conducting any type of activity with great professionalism.

There are various aspects that make Drupal different from other Content Management Systems. A few of which have been minutely observed by the web developer community around the globe:-

Drupal comes under 2nd generation of content management systems and is completely different from the previous ones. It offers flexibility of creating and customizing a website’s functionalities with the need of zero programming. It is an open source system and absolutely free just opposite to the paid ones like EPiServer and SiteVision. That’s why it allows users to make modifications as and when they want or as per their business requirements. What’s more, Drupal takes a very short time for marketing the newly-added features and characteristics to your website.

Updation is what a website requires on regular basis. Drupal offers the facility of sustainable website maintenance. Having a website with Drupal, you can make changes on any scale with absolute technical comfort. The changes that you make always ascertain that the functionalities of your website always remain in-tact. On the whole, Drupal’s unique advantages have made it the world’s most preferred and used CMS where every user freely enjoys the advantages of content management that ultimately affects the rank of their website in the result list of all major search engine pages.

Third Party Integration: There are many modules that can be installed in Drupal to