Some Action-Packed Reasons Behind SEO-Friendliness Of Drupal CMS Websites

SUBMITTED BY ASANDIL ON TUE, 04/15/2014 - 16:35

Every business on the World Wide Web is striving hard to register its presence in the results listing of all major search engines for the products and services they are dealing in. Needless to say, the more a business appears to the online crowed, the more it gets visible. In any kind of online business, it’s visibility that matters. After this, comes the quality of your products and services that helps you convert your visitors into leads.

Accordingly, your focus ought to be on creating a search engine friendly website with perfect development framework. Coating both these perspectives, Drupal Content Management System (CMS) is an impeccable option. As opposed to building a site with plain Dreamweaver models or HTML pages, it is better to pick a content management system for adaptable results. A CMS saves content in a database, differentiates the design from substance, and gives simple redesigns. With a great content management system, even the non-specialized users can manage and maintain a website without any learning of HTML or Web designing.

Drupal CMS is an award-winning open source content management system which is a flawless and ideal option for little and expansive venture sites. It is referred to for its incredibly dynamic nature as you can quickly change modules to makes changes in the site. A few reasons why Drupal is better for SEO-based web requisitions are as follow:

URL Control:

Drupal gives complete control over URL structure by providing custom URLs to every content while other content management systems like Wordpress confines you only to a single permalink URL for all posts.

Page Titles and Meta Tags:

With other content management systems, it’s really very hard to manage and maintain the page and Meta Tags while Drupal offers amazing technical ease for these activities. Drupal’s Page Title module provides users with custom control for HTML elements and the Meta Tags Modules allows you to manage pages’ individualized Meta description tags.

Excellent Documentation:

When it comes to documentation in Drupal, it covers tutorials, blogs, videos, API References and amazing new book pro Drupal development. As millions of users are utilizing Durpal services, therefore, the technology is expected to exist forever in the cyberspace.


It has an effective scientific classification (class) framework which permits you to tag and compose content. You can likewise set your site for various levelled classifications with single or numerous parents. The advanced scientific classification characteristics joined with Views and Content Construction Kit (CCK) permits you to target long catchphrases effortlessly.