Drupal CMS- a way of life on the World Wide Web

SUBMITTED BY ASANDIL ON TUE, 04/15/2014 - 16:37

Using open source content management systems is a way of life for website developers across the globe. Open source CMSs offer unmatched flexibility to modify all kinds of contents which are placed on a particular website. There are so many Content Management Systems available in the cyberspace but nothing can even come closer to Drupal- the world’s most favourite platform to make, manage and maintain a world-class feature-packed professional website.

Supported by a big global community of developers who keep contributing to make it updated and more powerful, Drupal always scores very heavily over other Content Management Systems. A Drupal CMS website can very easily be personalised as per the requirements of a particular client or business. Drupal is packed with a range of powerful features that help business owners stand ahead with their competitors with enhanced website performance. A few salient features of Drupal are as follow:

1. Multiple Language Support:

With Drupal CMS, The developers have exemplary flexibility to execute the web projects with multiple language support. Regardless of the format you are working on, you have an option of choosing your preferred language. This feature helps the website owners to accelerate their growth.

2. Easy Website Management:

Purely hassle-free website management is what web developers and administrators enjoy using Drupal CMS. Be it template customization, RSS feed integration or advanced search techniques, all are just a click away.

3. Database Support:

Drupal CMS simply enables you to share and access a particular website on a variety of other platforms as it supports multiple databases. Having the support of MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, jQuesry, Javascript framework that make a website perform incredibly faster.

4. Better Administration Features:

Drupal’s amazing administration features empower you to manage and maintain different sections of a website at a single point of time.

5. SEO-friendly URLs:

Search engine friendly URLs are what ensure a website’s high ranking in the search engine results. A Drupally-customized website allows you to enjoy increased popularity among targeted markets and regions, and as a result you reap better rewards in your business.