Some of our Clients' Projects(not under NDA so we can share)

  • apcom

    Apcom is a project launched among a coalition of Asian and Pacific governments, UN partners, community as well as the non profit organizations. is an agenda to observe the transgender issues and a lot more.

  • Bingo

    Bingo Paradise

    CCLAQ, in teamwork with the Emploi-Québec along with the professors from the HEC Montreal as well as the UQAM is conducting a research on the assimilation of the works.



    A business oriented web page that stands with the 4th rank at the University of Colorado. The loyalty cards and customers are the high profile target of this business generation website.

  • Frequent Pass

    Frequent Pass

    A business oriented web page that stands with the 4th rank at the University of Colorado. The loyalty cards and customers are the high profile target of this business generation website.

  • Kane

    Kane's Harley Davidson

    The website is the theme of the ongoing generations who have been taking care of the Harley Davidson bikes and taking the tradition forward.

  • Liquid

    Liquid Sunrayz

    The beauty cosmetic business giant is among the top sellers of the tanning spray companies that encourages competition spray tanning and keeps your body neutrally fit. The web page is the IBFF inspired token.

  • Mothering


    Dedicated to all the ladies who are mothers or are going to be the mothers, this website is an idea to celebrate motherhood with your child at every part of and every stand of your life.

  • Natural Health Resource

    Natural Health Resource

    “Health is wealth” is the basic idea of the team. The webpage delivers the idea of how health goes viral with the inch of happiness in our lives. This food health industry is the combining factor of food, health and happiness altogether.

  • QS Top Mba

    QS Top Mba

    This education oriented website is a network of group of academic professionals who guide you the way through the top techno ways to study and take up the best courses as per your choices.

  • Ultrasonix


    The customized ultra sound technologies experts on this webpage are the best associates to be with in terms of the health industry equipments and so on.

  • USM Edu

    USM Edu

    The proudly filled academic centre with the brilliance of excellence lies at the heart of time Pine belt. The diversity of the students here is a proof in its website itself.

  • Xeicon


    The printing and colour press labels of the website is an extreme richness of the work and the colours that puts up with its complete effort drill. This website deals with the traditional and the modern printing processes.

  • Dragon-88

    Dragon 88

    This website is for a Los Angeles based client who deals with the furniture, throws, pillows, gifts and a lot more with a beach classy style to make your house look the classiest of all.

  • Anakao Madagascar

    Anakao Madagascar

    As the name suggests, this lodge is based in Madagascar and gives all the fun facilities along with the fun filled beaches, spa side, diving, surfing, fishing, snorkelling etc.

  • Enotion


    The innovative work of the website is based on the team of the integrating professionals who fuse their work and produce it with the blend of their services like that of Open source, CMS, integration etc.

  • The-Gin-Mill

    The Gin Mill

    The fun to hang out at this classy American bar to have fun with your friends is of immense happiness. This website gives you all the details of the themes and the cuisines that Gin Mill is an expert with.

  • House-of-Botori

    House of Botori

    This website shows a special bond between the mother and the child. The website is an art where the accessories of the mother and baby go hand in hand when you have a lot of luggage to handle with your baby.

  • Mchief


    You are your own cook book, isn’t it? Well yes it is a blend of sp[ices and decorative that sell a lots of cool services just for you to make every part of your life better and off course king size.

  • Push-Fusion

    Push Fusion

    Clothing, bags, accessories, shoes, gifts etc all to sum it up, is a high profile e-commerce website that has been created by the Madhulata InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Experts.

  • Robin-Piccone

    Robin Piccone

    This international brands website has been mined by us with the perfect grip of their apparel showcasing and the blend of the classy and fashion-cultural fiesta of the bandwidth.

  • Island-Cargo-Support

    Island Cargo Support

    The island cargo support is a different from any other logistics platform. They give the best out of their services and yet their web page says it all.

  • National-Milk-Producers-Federation

    National Milk Producers Federation

    The world of the milk and dairy products, is a foundation of the collaboration of the various entities.

  • Genesis-Burson-Marsteller

    Genesis Burson-Marsteller

    Genesis IBM a giant PR Tycoon and a merging player of the competing arena of the marketing strategies have the powerful communication and the rainbow bond with Madhulata InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.